How To Get Optimal New AC Installation Sydney Services

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How To Get Optimal New AC Installation Sydney Services

People usually have very wrong perceptions while installing an Air conditioner. These myths leads to inaccurate performances in the longer run and will certainly make your appliance vulnerable to maintenance problems. While appointing a Home AC Installation Sydney service, make sure you are aware of the facts which prolong your appliance life and surely enhance its functionality.

The optimal results can be achieved by precise calculations. While appointing New AC installation Sydney services, you must keep in mind the size of the room to choose a perfect AC, the condition of the room where AC has to be installed, insulation of that particular area to minimize temperature loss as well as select suitable areas for the compressor unit to reduce heat exchange hindrance.

Usually, the appointed servicemen will do all this for the clients but it’s better to take precautions yourself. You never know at which point you’ve been misled and the odds go against you. If an AC is not installed properly the appliance will not perform as it should be. Moreover, other malfunction chances will grow leading to repairing hassles.

Don’t get deceived by nonprofessional Home AC Installation Sydney services. Be sure of what services you’re hiring and how well they’ve operated.  Always check the following parameters before installing an Air Conditioner

  • Heat Generated Indoors:

Calculating the total amount of heat generated will let you decide what tonnage of AC should be installed. In general terms an adult human body can produce heat equivalent to a 100 Watt bulb. This statement is solely dependent upon the state of the body. Moreover, this calculation is usually for the commercial perspectives.

The experts of New AC installation Sydney services provide a much convenient chart to select an AC for residential sectors.

Up to 100 square feet                    0.8 ton

Up to 150 square feet                    1.0 ton

Up to 250 square feet                    1.5 ton

Up to 400 square feet                    2.0 ton

  • Condition Of The Room:

Condition of the room plays a very vital role in the installation of an AC. As the air conditioner will be installed over the walls the strength must be checked. It is because the vibrations can lead to loosen screws and your AC unit might fall off. Not only this, the change is angle can limit compressed water drainage and it will start leaking from inside.

Moreover, if you walls are exposed to excess moisture, there is a greater chance that they will limit the performance of you installed AC.  The normal moisture ranges from 5-12 percent in your walls and can be checked by moisture meter. Professional Home AC Installation Sydney services do have these meters and will check both these conditions for best installations.


  • Installations of Outdoor units:

All the heat absorbed through indoor unit is conveyed to the outer unit where it is released. Any hindrance will limit the exchange of heat and the whole process will suffer. Professionals appointed for New AC installation Sydney services will make sure the outdoor unit is precisely installed away from direct sunlight and water as well away from any obstruction. The distance from the indoor unit must not be more than 12 meters as it will disrupt coolant flow and eventually the cooling will suffer.